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“HCIT’s self attestation process effectively combines months of research and planning into a simple, easy to execute plan of action. Their worksheet integrates information, interpretation and implementation into a centralized format that has allowed us to utilize their EHR’s meaningful use features with a minimal impact on our clinics daily workflow.”

“Information, interpretation, implementation, HCIT has combined them all into a simple, easy to follow self attestation process that integrates seamlessly into their EHR and makes obtaining the meaningful use incentive as simple as possible with minimal impact on our physicians daily workflow.”

“Obtaining the meaningful use incentive may seem daunting initially, discerning the most efficient way to integrate the various reportable measures into the clinical workflow requires an arduous amount of research and planning. HCIT’s self attestation process effectively combines all the necessary research and planning into a simple, informative and easily digestible plan of action that has allowed our practice to utilize their EHR quickly and intuitively, with minimal impact to our clinics daily workflow, in order to achieve meaningful use status.”    

“HCIT could not have made obtaining our meaningful use incentive any easier with their extremely effective self attestation process. They have created an informative and easy to follow guide that integrates seamlessly with their EHR, allowing our clinic to focus on quality patient care while naturally meeting all of the meaningful use objectives.”



























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