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If you are searching for Scanning Medical Records, you have found the website of a leading provider of Scan Medical Records. HCIT proudly provides a full line of Scanning Medical Records products and services soley for Ophthalmologists. Our Scan Medical Recordss products include the following software: Retina+, Multi-Specialty EyeMD, Optical+, Contact Lens+, Scanning, Imaging, Equipment Interfaces, Drawing and full Practice Management Scheduling, Billing and Reporting software. We take pride in our Scan Medical Records products and sell them with full confidence and faith. We have been in the Scanning Medical Records business since 1981 and have come to not only love what we do but have become leading experts in the field of  Scan Medical Records.

We provide vide Scanning Medical Records solutions to Ophthalmologists in the United States and Canada only. We work with any size ophthalmic groups including departments of ophthalmology. You may select from any combination of our software applications: practice management, scheduling, scanning, optical, contact lens and ophthalmic electronic medical records (including imaging and drawing). You may also decide to implement your EMR by phases such as by department, by location, by specialty or by physician. We team up with you to create the best solution for your group, for any Scan product we offer. We are a privately held U.S. Corporation. We are private because we want to control our own destiny and implement our ideas rapidly. We are private because we choose to have a carefully controlled growth with highly trained personnel to service our valued clients. We are very specialized because we saw the need in the market. We have been providing full medical computer solutions since 1981. Just like you have decided to focus on a specific clinical area of expertise, we have decided to focus our expertise in one direction. Our commitment is 100% to ophthalmology and the success of your installation. All of our Scanning products run on the latest Microsoft Windows Enterprise Operating System using the Microsoft Enterprise Database SQL Server . You can select the type of equipment you prefer to use. We have advanced security, data encryption, thin client for fast display, touch screen for quick entry or drawing and wireless so you can view any chart anytime. The technology we have chosen is completely open so that you have access to every piece of your clinical data. And, of course, our software is HIPAA compliant.

If you have any questions about our Ophthalmic Medical Records products, please continue on to the rest of our website where you will find helpful information about our full inventory of Ophthalmic Medical Records products. If, however, you still have questions or concerns about our Ophthalmic Medical Records products or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you with all of your needs.