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NoPaperFiles.com - Business Edition

NoPaperFiles.com - Business Edition is a scanning document image management solution designed for business managers.  This is a very simple to install and use product which will allow you to quickly scan paper documents and import images into logical folders that you define.  This product has default scan parameters and advanced features to define custom scan properties for color, rotate, duplex, size etc.  It works with any twain compliant scanner and is used optimally with a multi-page batch scanner.  It comes with OCR (optical character recognition) technology to locate documents with particular data (such as any EOB with Paul Smith as a patient).  Forms or documents can be scanned in directly to a folder, or filed into the correct folder by bar code identifier or filed into the correct folder by OCR definitions.  This application has security access and secure locking of specific documents in addition to specific notes attached to documents.  Anyone with security can access items at any time. Documents are stored efficiently for quick access and smaller disc storage requirements.  Images can be stored on your server or ours.



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